The vision of the U.S.A.R. Marshal / Vicegerent is to ensure an autonomous homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other crimes.

The U.S.A.R. Marshal / Vicegerent has five key principles forming the foundation of our National Security:  Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. 

Our goal is to ensure a quality of life within Our Nation as we uplift fallen Humanity; by encouraging our people to be lawful, respectful, honest, humane, and to overcome the temptations of committing criminal acts.    

The U.S.A.R. Marshal / Vicegerent will regularly interact with the Citizens of Our Nation; encouraging self-governing and self-reliance, we will assist citizens with public safety and security preparedness for emergency threats and disasters.  


The U.S.A.R. Marshal / Vicegerents shall forever be the peace keepers and a deterrent to crime in the country.

Re-established April 14, 2015


Marshal / Vicegerent